India today is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. The varied and vast landscape of the country forms a beautiful background to the cultural mosaic. Snow clad majesty of the Himalayas – considered one of the most interesting mountain ranges in the world . The sheer diversity OF ITS FLORA AND FAUNA. Fragnant valleys of Kashmir , famed for their saffron , sapphires and apples; to the mystic Buddhism of the foggy mountains in Sikkim ; from the cold deserts of Leh and Ladakh to the unparalleled Journey . The south makes an equally strong claim. A boat ride over the back waters of kerala to the beach where an ocean and a sea finally meet.




India is composed of a desert, north east India is tropical paradise. The dry Thar desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The glorious forts that sparkles with the brightness of its  colours.  The captivating brilliance of Gujarat with its rich folk arts and traditions and the truly spectacular landscape : The Rann Of Kutch.


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