I will be yours forever my best friend

In this world there are lots of people around us. there are many special persons in our life like our family and some friends. But there is a best friend which means us like our world like our family member.

Lets talk about it in more detailed form. so today i would like to share with all the special guys which have a best friend and which means them alot. I have many friends.

From childhood till now i have many friends which came and are now gone from my life as they got a better person then me.(this is my thinking) so i have last year just started my college life and its the part where you get many ups and downs in your life.So i have many friends in college. But there is only 1 friend which is my bestie. I love her till infinity. At the starting of our friendship was very well we were a just a simple and good friend but later we became best friends(a great applause…yippee) .Wait dont be excited there are many ups and downs in friendship. A small change in them can break your heart. So i would like to share the ups and downs in my friendship. I have a best friend she is very good in nature, in studies . She is really very caring. a sad thing she dont have mother which makes me cry even today. As she dont have mother i have promised myself to keep her happy everytime. not to hurt her a little also.She is a god gifted friend of mine.i always help her by helping her in studies and in other works and she does the same for me(really caring).so all was very much well between us.But little incidents in our freindship which made our friendship to reach a worst path. People were jealous of our friendship and bonding. We just used to keep our photos as a collage as whatsapp dp and our friends started stalking rubbish about it. Not this much they started talking about us(back bitching) that was the sadest moment. This all just happened to us. Later 1 girl came in my best friends life. She ruined our whole friendship. She know that me and my friend are best friends but still she dont leave my best friend when i really need her.Sometimes 1 person can change our whole life(sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad ways) and this is the bad ways. this is very disappointing. still that girl comes between us and it is the sadest part. but i would like to tell my friend that ‘dear best friend, i will always stay for you’ you dont worry i will never leave you in any condition you be my best friend and no one can replace that thing. i dont want or i dont expect from you anything but i just want to say that my best friend i love you so much never forget me and give me the same importance i give to you that will make my day…. thank you for coming in my life and i am very happy………


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