Famous Places in Borivali !



Borivali is a suburban area located in the north-west section of Mumbai island of Maharashtra, India. Borivali is approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) from Mumbai Airport.

The Mumbai Suburban Rail Network is the lifeline of this city and Borivali is an important station on the Western Line, trains run between here and Churchgate every few minutes. Borivali is only about thirty minutes from the Mumbai International Airport. The Mumbai Metro construction is also in full swing and very soon, Borivali will have connectivity through the proposed Metro station. Strategically located, on the arterial western express highway, it is well connected to prime areas in the South and North of the city.

Borivali is Major Station in Mumbai. Every out going train  halts at Borivali. Borivali has different places to visit. It has many gardens , Food Street and many more. Borivali is connected with Essel world and Water Kingdom which is Asia largest water theme park. Now from  Borivali you Can visit GLOBAL VIPASSANA PAGODA which is to serve as a monument of peace and harmony. The Global Vipassana Pagoda has been built out of gratitude to the Buddha, his teaching and the community of monks practicing his teaching. Its traditional Burmese design is an expression of gratitude towards the country of Myanmar for preserving the practice of Vipassana. The shape of the pagoda is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) in Yangon, Myanmar. It was built combining ancient Indian and modern technology to enable it to last for a thousand years.

Either you can travel Essel world and water kingdom by road through Mira-Bhayandar. You can also go pagoda , Essel world , water kingdom by Boat it will charge 50 Rs return ticket . The boat are available from 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM from Gorai. You can get Tickets of the water kingdom and essel world from The Ticket Window Outside the Resort gate .

Shopping :

Borivali is famous for shopping . Here you will find different types of clothings.  which is called INDRAPRASTHA here you can A to Z collection of clothes.

Indraprastha Shopping Center is the oldest shopping center/mall at borivali. Now a days there is a trend of Malls and shopping centers but this was opened when there was no malls concept.

The only place people staying close to Borivali could think of for shopping was Indraprastha Shopping Center.

Indraprastha Shopping Center has lots of shops in it for Clothing(all Kids, Men, Women), Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty/Cosmetic shops. Bag shops etc. The one thing Indraprastha Shopping Center is very famous for even now is the mobile repair or selling stores at the Basement. These stores are the ones that anyone goes to to either buy / sell or repair their mobile phone.

Whether it be diwali or any ocassion this Shopping Center  always remain crowded.

Street Shopping :-

Have you ever heard about street shopping in borivali. If you are in borivali than you CANNOT miss street shopping !

Its where you get everything cheap , and believe me ,very cheap. Have you ever heard heard about John Player jeans in 500 Rupees ? wee you will in borivali.

My experience towards street shopping in borivali was amazing. Recently i bought some Denims and the material is really good. People who usually wants to wear denim 3 o 4 times they can buy denims…..

Places to visit in borivali :-


If you are a lover of waves and silent beaches, then you must definitely visit the Gorai beach. Life in the city can get really hectic and monotonous, because of the constant traveling, lights, and too many people surrounding you. There is always a need for a break, so that one can relax and ease up and visiting this beach in such a situation is just an apt and affordable choice that anyone can make.

I usually get there through the ferry that is available in Borivali. Commuting isn’t really an issue. Sometime I hang out at the beach with my friends when we travel by car, and it’s beautiful especially in the nights. You can just park your car anywhere, sit on the bonnet, play some soulful music, and enjoy the breeze kissing your face and hair. This is one divine feeling that money can never buy you even in the best of spas.  The warm food and sea breeze was a perfect combination that just soothed mind and tummy at the same time.

The beach is huge, with lots of trees and has clean sand. The water is clean and you can walk at the shore. It feels wonderful. You can also plan an entire day picnic with your family, instead of visiting a mall for a change. The kids can make sand castles, while you can jump around in the sand and water, and the oldies can just lie down on a mattress. So, if you’re in a mood of some great family get together, do think about visiting the beach and spending some quality time with nature.

How to reach ?

Gorai beach is ABOUT 4 KM FAR FROM BORIVALI STATION. So you can take Auto from the borivali station . After reaching the gorai khadi you can take ferry which will almost 20 Rupees.

Veer savarkar Udyan :-

It is a nice garden in borivali. This garden is for everyone from small kids to senior citizens. There are practices conducted for small children like skating,etc. In all it is good place where one can enjoy with their family as there is horse riding outside the garden and good place for one for jogging and relaxation.

Sanjay Gandhi national park :-


SANJAY GANDHI NATIONAL PARK is one of the most popular and biggest national park in the mumbai city which is located at borivali west. I have visited many times to this park during my school days and I had a lots of fun. This is awesome park in mumbai and it is very safety also to visit here so we can go with our family also. Hotels and accommodation are not more available as this is animal park but we will really enjoy this place to visit. Security is also quite well here and there is lots of places inside the park to see the nature scenery. The centre of attraction in Borivali is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Wilderness beyond words, it is spread over 103 Sq. Km., and is cocooned between Mumbai and Thane. It forms about 20% of Mumbai’s geographical area. It is home to about 250-260 species of birds, 1300 varieties of plants, 150 species of butterflies etc. Guided tours and excursions are available on prior booking.

Lion and Tiger Safari :-

Main attractions of the park are a lion safari and a tiger safari for encouraging eco-tourism. The lion safari is a 20-minute ride through a 12 ha (29.65 acres) fenced forest area in one of the park’s green buses. The park is said to have a total of about 25 lions and lionesses. There are hardly 2 lions which visitors can safely see up close from inside the caged buses. The remaining 23 have been relocated or placed in fenced areas far away from the roads used by the green buses. During visiting hours, some of the resident lions are let out into the enclosure, and can be viewed from the safety of the bus. There are 4 tigers that are kept semi-confined in a 20 ha (49.42 acres) fenced area that is toured by the buses. A 5 m (16.40 ft) high and 2,200 m (7,217.85 ft) long protective fencing surrounds the area. This is done so that all visitors can safely view lions and tigers in their natural habitat. Here the visitors are caged in the bus so the big cats can roam like in the wild. Two other tigers roam in a much larger area.

If you are planning a visit, below is some useful information,
Location: Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali(East) is 1km from the Borivali station.
National Park(Main entrance):
Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 33/-, child Rs.17/-
Vehicle Entry fee: Four wheeler Rs. 110/-, two wheeler Rs. 28/-
Timings: 7:30am to 6pm
Mondays Closed
Toy Train:
Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 28/-, child Rs. 11/-
Timings: 9am to 5:30pm, train schedule every half an hour.
Boat Ride
Entry Fee: Rs. 33/- per person for small two seater boat and Rs. 66/- per person for four seater boat
Timings: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Lion and Tiger Safari:
Entry Fee: Adult Rs.55/-, child Rs.22/-
Vedio Camera Rs. 1050/day
Timings: 9am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 4:30pm
Kanheri Caves:
Timings: 9am to 5pm
Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 5/-
BEST buses run from National Park to Kanheri Caves: return journey Rs. 60/-

Vazira Naka lord Ganesha Mandir:-


Shwayambhu Siddhivinayak Ganesh Devasthan literally translated as self manifested divine abode of Lord Ganesha is one of the most famous temples and a key landmark of Vazira Naka – a neighbourhood in the western suburbs of Borivali. I feel fortunate to be living close by in the vicinity as it has helped me visit the temple on numerous occasions, almost daily actually, including the important days like Angarki Chaturthi and Ganesh Jayanti. Of course, almost all the Ganesh Festival posts that you may have witnessed through this diary also belong to this very place.

Temple is crowded everyday especially on Tuesday. This Ganesha is known as Shwayambhu Mandir.

It said that those devotee who pray for their wish gets fulfilled .

Festivals :-



Navratri is a well know festival in gujarat and it has spreaded towards all the nearer states .

Kora kendra ground which is famous all over mumbai . Many people come over here to play Garba . This whole is organised by Naidu Club.

Borivali Railway station :-


Borivali station is known for its Local and domestic trains. Borivali is one of the biggest station in suburbs. It has total 10 platforms before its has to be 6 platforms . The distance from 1 platform to 8 platform is about 850 m .

Every out going trains halt at Borivali . Borivali is the major destination after Mumbai central.

Locals are the life line of mumbai . Borivali is going connect Harbour lines soon .

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