Places To Visit in “NYC”

NYC (NEW YORK CITY) best place to visit and the most attractive place for TOURIST. One of the best season where tourist are attracted is a period of OCTOBER-DECEMBER its one of the most Magical Seasons in NYC. New York Winters are known for Coffee ,Cakes and Dreams. People wish in winter for their dreams to be fulfilled S



A Stupendous place jaipur !

Jaipur is a historical place. Its is a capital of RAJASTHAN and the largest city of the state. Its a tourist place. More then 15,000 Tourist visit Jaipur every year. Jaipur is also know as “Pink city”. Jaipur forms a part of ‘GOLDEN TRIANGLE’ which includes ‘AGRA’ which is specially know for ‘TAJ MAHAL’ and AGRA is near to Jaipur and other 2 places JAISALMER and JODHPUR which are neighbourhood cities of jaipur.

Jaipur is a friendly city everyone is good in nature and respect us. They never ever harm anyone. Its a place in ancient time the state RAJA & RANI (KINGS & QUEENS) use to rule over there. Once we should visit the old palaces where they use to stay. In this 21th century new generation people would not knowing the facts and about the palaces. Some palaces are known for their “PILLARS”. One who is in photography stream they should visit this all places. It will be a great platform to showcase their Talents. so here i am going to write about the places to visit :-






Jaipur is a big city to Explore though its special for food also those who are foodie may can visit hotels to eat DAL BATI KA CHURMA its really YUUMM . Its a food paradise all over jaipur you will see different types of hotels etc.

If you are planning to visit japur in summer then you have to carry your sunscreen because the temperature goes above 40`. Perfect season to visit Jaipur is in mid December its really enjoyable.

Jaipur is a good and clean city . It was ranked 7 in asia to visit. Jaipur is a developed city . There you can travel in metro or Jaipur BRTS bus. You will need a week  to roam every place. Every place has its different stories 🙂